Data communications, networking and security

Find out about our research capabilities in data communications, networking and security, and who to contact for further details.

Research in data communications, networking and security covers both guided and wireless communications of voice, data, images and video and their impact on the organisations in which they are used.

It also addresses the increasing importance of understanding the interplay between technology and policy on issues such as access to internet by both organisations and the public, efficient allocation and use of the radio spectrum for the optimal deployment of broadband wireless network and the deployment of open-access broadband platforms, among others.

Research efforts in this area include the following topics:

  • Security of information systems - The management of information system resources with a special emphasis on data security and information systems investments.
  • Cybercrime, cyberterrorism and cyberwar - Development of policies (national and industrial levels) handling these issues.
  • Cloud computing - Governance, security and resiliency. Requirements for setting up and managing secure and resilient ICT operational management systems in cloud computing environments.
  • Big Data computing - The study of policies related to secure implementation and use of Big Data systems.
  • Competition in Next-Generation Networks (NGNs) - The study and modelling of competition and other economic aspects of the new high-speed, all-IP broadband markets, with emphasis in new pricing techniques.
  • Radio spectrum management - New directions in spectrum management. Methods of spectrum allocation and assignment. Spectrum sharing and cognitive radio techniques.

Researchers in data communications, networking and security

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Assoc Prof Fernando Beltran
Associate Professor
Phone: +64 9 923 7850