Bryan (Wei-Cheng) Wang

Bryan, an international student from Taiwan, is studying for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance. He undertook a University of Auckland Micro-internship at the end of his first year.

Bryan worked for three weeks on a market research project for SBA, an Auckland accounting firm, on a voluntary basis. Working online and collaborating with three teammates, he analysed and evaluated how the internal and external factors of accounting impact on a small business. At the end of this period the team provided their recommendations on what SBA could do to gain more competitive advantages.

I learnt how to organise, communicate and delegate our goals within my team under time pressure, which has furthered my research, teamwork, and time management skills. The work also challenged me to apply the business theory I learned from my studies to the real world, which I think is the most critical aspect of the internship.

Bryan Wang