Madeline Penewi

Madeline Penewi (Te Rarawa) is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Commercial Law, International Business and Māori Studies. During her summer break in 2020-21 she undertook a paid internship with Suncorp New Zealand.

Madeline's internship at Suncorp

Madeline worked, both in person and virtually, on day-to-day tasks with her team, but most of her time at Suncorp was spent on two major projects. One of these was researching the kind of initiatives the company can implement to create better cultural inclusion in both New Zealand and Australia.  The other project involved keeping track of policy changes being made to different types of insurance plans and being able to have her voice heard in these matters.

This work experience was extremely beneficial
for me. In a professional sense, it allowed me to create lifetime business connections inside of the corporate world and learn different types of software
that I had not used previously. Personal benefits included the friendships I made within the company and the mental growth I experienced through learning new tips and tricks around office life that I have carried over into my daily life.

Madeline Penewi

Madeline’s advice to other students considering an internship is never to let your grades determine your worth. Most companies, she says, are more interested in you as a person, your work ethic and how you conduct yourself in the workplace.