Sarah L'Amie

Sarah L’Amie is in the final year of her Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Property conjoint degree, majoring in Commercial Law and Economics. During her summer break in 2020-21 she worked for Kainga Ora – Homes and Communities, in Auckland.

An invaluable work experience

Sarah undertook this paid internship with Kainga Ora for more than three months. Working within the public housing sector and for the largest landlord in New Zealand directly related to her property degree, allowing her to apply her learning and further deepen her knowledge of property law, property economics, issues and trends in the housing sector, property development, land use, planning and finance.

During her internship Sarah was primarily involved in the Tenant Rehousing Team, matching and relocating tenants affected by redevelopment, overcrowding, underutilisation, health problems and other issues.  

This was my first corporate role, so I got to experience working in an office environment, liaising with colleagues and tenants of varying cultures, ages and experience. My written and verbal skills have vastly improved.

Sarah L'Amie

Sarah says she would encourage students to apply for all internship and job opportunities that crop up during their studies. “Practical work experience while studying is invaluable for professional and personal development. And relevant work experience is attractive to prospective employers.”