Timothy Honey

Timothy Honey, who graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science conjoint degree, enjoyed the opportunity to gain work experience with two large New Zealand organisations while he was studying at the Business School.

Ernst and Young internship 2017

In the summer of 2017, Timothy took up an internship within the EY audit team. His experience provided a valuable first step into the corporate environment, he says. He had the chance to work with many different types of businesses, from construction to retail to hospitality. This enabled Timothy to learn different techniques and approaches to business problems.  

PwC internship 2018-19

Over the following two years Timothy interned with PwC in their technology consulting team. The internship provided a variety of work experiences: for example, he was seconded to the Ports of Auckland for three weeks, completed a RFP to secure new clients, and many other projects. At PwC Timothy learned how to write and report in a professional way, how to analyse and deliver results to stakeholders, how different business IT infrastructure works and what best practice is all about. PwC taught him that hard work can also be fun and that the world is what we make of it, he says.

In both roles I made great friendships that will span the lifetime of my career. They were amazing opportunities that have built me into a young professional who is ready to make an impact and deliver real world value.

Tim Honey

In 2021 Timothy begins a graduate role in the data team at ANZ. His work experience in consulting and audit will be a huge help in making his mark early in his career, he says.