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Call for papers

Special issue of Psychology & Marketing on ‘Anti-consumption beyond boundaries’

The area of anti-consumption owes its academic start to a 2002 special issue in Psychology and Marketing. Since then, research in anti-consumption has burgeoned in the last decade and a half and the study of anti-consumption is now ready to move beyond its ‘product/corporate-centric’ boundary into a broader realm of ‘marketing compatible’ disciplines and topics.

Given the broad positioning of Psychology and Marketing and the fact that ‘individual and collective psychology’ underpins most of what occurs in marketing and, by-proxy, anti-consumption. This CFP is for a highly anticipated follow-up special issue, which takes into account the extensive developments in anti-consumption since the emergent works published in 2002.

Thus, this special issue seeks papers studying anti-consumption across a broad spectrum of contexts, such as:

  • Arts and fashion
  • Media, music, and film
  • Politics and policy
  • Not-for-profit and charitable organisations
  • Tourism and country of origin
  • Religion and philosophy
  • Organisational theory and supply chain management
  • Behavioral economics and financial markets
  • Information systems
  • Environmental and climate change research
  • Waste and dispossession
  • Superstition, magic, and taboo
  • Psychology of unconscious and mindful anti-consumers
  • Intentional and unintentional outcomes/consequences of anti-consumption
  • Sociology and social movements
  • Broad groups (companies/industries, or governments/countries) as anti-consumption agents or targets of anti-consumption

Papers on topics related, but not limited to the above questions/topics will be considered, but in all cases, the theoretical underpinnings of Psychology and Marketing should still play a fundamental role.

Submissions are now closed.