Transformation Program Manager, Pareto Toolbox

With a background in Engineering, Hansa Malpathak completed an MBA to round out her business skill set as a manager. This subsequently enabled her to step up to a senior leadership role.

Hansa Malpathak
Hansa Malpathak, MBA

Key facts

Career: Transformation Program Manager, Pareto Toolbox
Programme: MBA

The MBA has opened a lot of doors for me that otherwise wouldn’t have been opened. 

Hansa Malpathak

"I started out as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer through an Air New Zealand apprenticeship pathway, and eventually moved into a technical fleet management role.

"I wanted to round out my business skill set as a manager and saw the MBA as a practical qualification that could give me a solid foundation to lead a business in any industry.

"The University of Auckland’s MBA programme is well-reputed and offered a well-rounded programme that I felt met my development needs. The calibre of lecturers and fellow students was also very high, which led to thought-provoking discussions in the classroom and some long-lasting friendships outside of the classroom."