Analyst, Omni Marketing Global

Andrea Khor completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) specialising in International Business.

Andrea Khor
Andrea Khor, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours).

Key facts

Career: Analyst
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
Subjects: International Business

The honours programme offers a learning experience quite unlike undergraduate studies - you have to put in a lot of effort but the rewards are fulfilling.

Andrea Khor

“The seminar-based courses are engaging and at this level are very much student-driven, so contributions from your classmates are very valuable. Classes either reinforce or shed light on new critical perspectives of content taught in my undergraduate degree.

“The honours programme also develops a wide range of interpersonal skills that are increasingly emphasised in the workplace, so as well as a reputable qualification you also gain personal awareness and self-fulfilment.

“I know I made the right decision to study at the University of Auckland – it’s a modern campus with extensive research facilities and a dynamic and vibrant student community.”