Graduate Supply Chain Analyst, Air Liquide

Daniel Cheng completed the Master of Commerce specialising in Operations and Supply Chain Management. He works for Air Liquide.

Daniel Cheng
Daniel Cheng, Bachelor of Commerce/Master of Commerce.

Key facts

Career: Graduate Supply Chain Analyst, Air Liquide
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce
Subjects: Operations and Supply Chain Management and Information Systems

My advice to future students is to find a topic that you are genuinely interested in. I’ve always been interested in applying theory to find practical solutions to real-world problems, so I’m intrigued by modelling and simulation. One of the most rewarding moments of my masters study was seeing my simulation tool demonstrate the findings of my research.

Daniel Cheng

Daniel completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science conjoint degree majoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Information Systems and Chemistry before joining the masters programme.

"My research explored alternative souces of flexibility within operating theatre resources to help surgery schedules cope with acute liver transplants. Hospital schedules were rigid, which led to massive disruptions when urgent and resource-intensive surgeries arrived. I built a Microsoft Excel simulation tool that modelled the impact of my proposed solutions.”
Daniel says his supervisor, Dr Valerie Pavlov, encouraged him to connect with practitioners at Auckland and Middlemore hospitals, where he was able to sit in on a series of workshops to identify the source of the problem.

Daniel had the opportunity to present his work at the Joint New Zealand Statistical Association and Operations Research Society New Zealand Conference in Auckland.

“I was presenting to some of the most brilliant statisticians and experts in operations research in Australasia. It was a real honour.”
As a Graduate Supply Chain Analyst at Air Liquide, Daniel works on projects to solve problems the company faces as it distributes a large variety of gas products to businesses throughout New Zealand.

“My background in chemistry has been really useful for gaining an understanding of the company’s products and operations. There’s a lot of variety in my role and I’m really enjoying learning as much as I can from everyone, from the drivers, production staff, engineers, technicians and the supply chain and sales managers (my supervisors).”