Sales and Marketing Graduate, Goodman Fielder

Paul Nai graduated with a Master of Commerce in Marketing, and now works at Goodman Fielder.

Paul Nai
Paul Nai, Master of Commerce (Marketing)

Key facts

Career: Sales and Marketing
Programme: Master of Commerce
Subjects: Marketing

“I was blessed with the opportunity to be a recipient of the 2016-2017 Summer Research Scholarship at the Business School, under the supervision of Dr Bodo Lang. I conducted research on the consumer behaviour of Pacific Islanders around sugar-sweetened beverages, and co-wrote a research paper with my supervisor for the 2017 Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCTC).”

Paul Nai

Paul Nai grew up working in factories and warehouses part-time while studying.

“Seeing raw materials being transformed into product was very interesting to me, and I wanted to see how these products were taken to the market.”

He chose to major in Marketing and International Business for his BCom, and was subsequently invited to join the honours programme.

“Marketing turned out to be a clear path for me towards a masters degree. Firstly, honours set me up well for it. Secondly, there was great support from the Marketing department. Finally, and most importantly, the topic I chose for my research (the sugar-sweetened beverage consumption of Pacific Islanders) needed to be examined from a marketing perspective.

“Another thing that really made my experience at the Business School more fruitful was being exposed to some of the new directions and frontiers of marketing. This gave me an updated perspective on the dynamics of the business landscape with regards to marketing and its role in the relationship between consumers and businesses.

“There was great support from my family, peers, lecturers and especially my supervisor. Among many, my highlight would be graduating with first class honours in my MCom degree and walking across the stage in front of my family.”