Senior Consultant, TRA

Vanisha Narsey completed her PhD in Marketing titled “Peeling back the curtain: Exploring the brand backstory”. She now works as a consultant at TRA.

Vanisha Narsey standing in front of TRA neon sign.
Vanisha Narsey, Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce, PhD.

Key facts

Career: Consultant at TRA
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce, PhD
Subjects: Marketing

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate study back-to-back at the University of Auckland, and it was because of the great support I received that I carried on to do my PhD.

Vanisha Narsey

"My experience was unique – I had a supervisor in the US and one in Auckland, so I was able to split my time between the two locations. I completed field work here in Auckland, Pennsylvania, and New York.

“The department encouraged and were really supportive of me attending international conferences each year, where I could network, put my research out there and find opportunities to strengthen it.

“There was plenty of funding available. I was given space to work in the Business School, and I also worked as a teaching assistant. I was part of a great cohort of PhD students and I feel like I really made the most of PhD life.

“Now at TRA I’m a qualitative consultant. I work with a range of clients that are quite well-known within New Zealand. It’s great to see these well-known brands putting my strategies into action.”