Tax Graduate at Staples Rodway

Christina Zhu pursued a passion for taxation throughout her studies, and her interest was enhanced by job opportunities at the Business School.

Christina Zhu, Tax Graduate at Staples Rodway

Key facts

Career: Tax Graduate at Staples Rodway, Auckland
Programmes: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce in Commercial Law and Taxation
Subjects: Accounting, Commercial Law, Psycholgy, Taxation

"The first year of my BCom introduced to me to the wide variety of subjects that the Business School has to offer. I was intrigued by the legal considerations in a business environment and chose Commercial Law as one of my majors. I was particularly drawn to Taxation, and my interest in this subject was further enhanced as I pursued work opportunities at the Business School during my studies.

"I was offered a research assistant role in the Commercial Law Department after submitting a successful assignment on taxation. I was offered another role while doing research work, as a graduate teaching assistant for a taxation course in the Master of Professional Accounting programme. I enjoyed the challenges of both roles which prompted me to explore tax issues in great depth. I was also able to share my passion for the subject with different lecturers and students."

I continued to work in my research assistant and graduate teaching roles throughout my masters studies, and now I am excited to start new career adventures in a tax graduate role at Staples Rodway.

Christina Zhu