Assistant Project Manager at TBig

Milly McArthur’s studies in three different business areas led to her current position at TBig, a job she loves.

Milly McArthur
Milly McArthur, achelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Property conjoint.

Key facts

Career: Property
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Property conjoint
Subjects: Property, Marketing and Management

“An absolute highlight of my studies, and one that made my university experience very special, was being part of the Property student committee ALES (Auckland Land Economics Society). During my first couple of years I was a keen member, and took advantage of the social, networking and academic events that ALES had to offer. This helped me get to know my peers and also make some life-long friends − important, as the property degree is relationship driven.

“The networking opportunities that the Department of Property provides are second to none. Right from the start of your degree you have the opportunity to attend networking nights with the top multidisciplinary property firms in New Zealand, and talk to the people who work every day in the careers you are aspiring to. It was a networking event that lead to my part time roles while I was studying at JLL and Bayleys, which were both hugely valuable learning experiences. The buddy programmes were also fantastic opportunities to learn from industry professionals and to understand what a career in property would look like.”