Information Systems Tutor at the University of Auckland

His desire to become a pioneer in the management of big data led Timothy Honey to the Bachelor of Commerce.

Tim Honey, Information Systems Tutor at the University of Auckland

Key facts

Career: Tutoring
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Information Management* and Accounting

"It's no secret that big data is disrupting the business environment. Organisations have collected a lot of data but do not know how to extract its value. The data is messy, incoherent and unconnected. The number of people with the skills to source, wrangle, analyse and communicate data are very few. I want to be a pioneer in an area that is quickly becoming a competitive necessity.

I chose a BCom because it strikes me as having real-world value – value that will give me a solid foundation for building a successful career.

Tim Honey

"I love my job as a tutor in Information Systems. Not only do I get to pass on my knowledge, but I know that I am contributing to the future of New Zealand. My role is to guide students through activities that reinforce the content they learn, and provide tips and tricks that will maximise their success. The best times are when this is a two-way learning streak because through healthy debate we all learn new ideas.

"On top of this, I get a real range of students and so have quickly learned to adapt my communication and presentation skills to cater to a wider audience. This has really enhanced my ability to find means of connecting with people and then use these channels to get across complex ideas in a way that will resonate best with them."

*This major is now called Business Analytics.