Graduate Analyst at The Treasury

A desire to contribute to economic knowledge and apply this in the real world motivated Carlos So to choose Economics and Finance as his BCom majors.

Carlos So, Graduate Analyst at The Treasury

Key facts

Career: Economics
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Economics and Finance

"The core subject subjects in the first year of the BCom offer insight into a spectrum of different areas. Having had little or no prior background in these areas, I found all of them to be interesting in their own way. However, it was economics that was the main drawcard for me.

I have a natural tendency to be curious about analysing problems and developing solutions for them, so the issues that are discussed in economics perfectly aligned with my goals.

Carlos So

"During my studies I became aware of the work that research and government agencies do in economics. I realised that the implications of this field could have a massive influence on the lives of New Zealanders. As I continued to study and engaged in networking events with external parties and internal departmental staff, I realised my true ambition was to go into the public sector.

"I first heard about the Graduate Analyst role at Treasury in one of the networking events I attended at the University. I researched the organisation extensively, and decided that was where I would like to work. I applied for the job through their website and managed to secure it 2018. In this role I will be assisting with the publications and activities of the Treasury that impact on the decisions made by government.