Auditor in Financial Services at KPMG

The help and support he received from staff and fellow students made Josh Munro’s time at the Business School both memorable and profitable.

Josh Munro, Auditor in Financial Services at KPMG

Key facts

Career: Finance
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Accounting and Finance

"I had a few great mentors who gave me much-needed advice, and I was very involved in the Commerce Association for Pacific and Māori (CAPM) as well. I attended CAPM events extensively including a Big Four networking event, a corporate networking event and a CV help clinic. Through these networking opportunities I built connections, which helped me in my interview/recruitment process.

The Business School has great support for Māori students – there was always help available.

Josh Munro

"I am now an auditor in Financial Services at KPMG. Our role is to provide assurance over the company’s financials to stakeholders. We work predominately in teams and are required to liaise quite heavily with the client, so there is a lot of learning involved – not just on the technical side but the interpersonal side as well.

"What I love most about my job is that every day is different. You  are thinking that you have a certain set of challenges, but then you get a whole different ball game to deal with."