Product Owner, Customer Experience Design Chapter Member at The Warehouse Group

Aana Chrisp chose a double major for her BCom: Innovation and Entrepreneurship to learn from real entrepreneurs, and International Business to understand how global companies operate across borders, economies and cultures.

Aana Chrisp
Aana Chrisp, Product Owner, Customer Experience Design Chapter Member at The Warehouse Group

Key facts

Career: Product management
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business

"Auckland city was always an attractive place for me to want to study; it’s vibrant, multicultural and fast paced. To me it represented growth and opportunity, not only for New Zealand businesses but for international businesses too.

"The University of Auckland Business School is renowned as one of the best in the country, and is recognised on a global stage as well. Studying in a city where I hoped to go on to have a successful career made me feel like I was one step ahead.

"I loved the practicality of the business degree – every day we interacted with businesses in both our personal and professional lives, and learning about business helped me to understand more about how the world works.

I applied for and got an internship advertised by the Business School,
which shaped not only my career path but also how I learnt and applied
learnings from my studies – the internship made it all relevant.

Aana Chrisp

"I firmly  believe I am where I am now because of my internship – it kick-started my career, gave me a taste for life and business in the real world and was a giant step towards working in the industry that I love."