Business Analyst at United Steel

As a member of the winning team working on a Business Project course in the BCom, Gunt Kittiwat learned to identify and solve business problems, and this led to a job offer from United Steel.

Gunt Kittiwat
Gunt Kittiwat, Business Analyst at United Steel

Key facts

Career: Business Analyst
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Operations and Supply Chain Management

"It was the University of Auckland’s ranking that drew me in, but I stayed for the quality of lectures, the teaching materials, the support we received, and the lecturers who genuinely care for their students.

"One thing I really liked was the flexibility of the degree. You could always mix and match subjects from different areas of expertise, which helps you explore yourself and solidify your career plan for the future. You also get to meet new people from different majors and backgrounds, which is always a fun thing to do.

I think I’m putting my learning to good use in my current job. Ensuring people can work smarter, not harder, will always remain my best interest at work.

Gunt Kittiwat

"I got my current job mainly through the INFOSYS 345 Business Project course, which is quite similar to an internship. We formed a team in class and worked together throughout the year to help identify and solve business problems in the real world. Our team came first in the course, and as a result I was approached by United Steel."