He Tuākana tutoring and mentoring

He Tuākana is a tutorial and mentoring programme for undergraduate and postgraduate Māori and Pacific students at the Business School.

Business school Tuākana students chatting to mentors.

The aim of He Tuākana is to help you succeed by providing activities and workshops to help you develop greater confidence in your studies.

We can assist you during the transition to University life through our mentoring programme and by working closely with CAPM (Commerce Association Pacific and Māori) student club to facilitate social, cultural and professional development.

You can access He Tuākana tutors for all Stage I core courses. They organise workshops, tutorials and study groups according to your needs. They are also available to help students set up their own study groups. The tutors and mentors understand what you are going through as you make the transition to University life, and they will use their knowledge and experience to help you.

Our places and events

The University provides other facilities for Māori and Pacific students to study or socialise and take time out from their studies.

Waipapa Marae

The University of Auckland's Waipapa Marae is situated next to the Department of Māori Studies at 16 Wynyard Street.

Find out more about Waipapa Marae.


Hineahuone is a place where you can meet other Māori students, have lunch, talk, or just hang out. Hineahuone is located on Level 4 of the Students' Association building (just off the Quad).

'O Lagi Atea Moana culture space

'O lagi Atea Moana is a place where you can meet other Pacific students, talk, have lunch and hang out. It's also the home of the Auckland University Pacific Islands Students Association (AUPISA).

'O lagi Atea Moana is located on Level 4 of the Students' Association building (just off the Quad), and has places to sit, shower facilities and toilets.

The Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM)

CAPM is a student club that organises activities for Māori and Pacific Business School students to develop networks and a sense of community.

Catering for undergraduate and postgraduate students, the club seeks to provide a range of events throughout the year that will encourage the exchange of ideas and provide scope for social interaction.

As a business student you have the opportunity to assist in running CAPM. Opportunities will also be available to serve on committees with responsibility for organising specific events.

For more information, visit Commerce Association Pacific and Māori (CAPM).

Support services

2017 Tuākana tutoring team
2017 Tuākana tutoring team

Our facilities offer you a quiet and private place to study along with spaces for socilising. The location within the Business Student Centre also means that you have access to experienced course and programme advisers and the Careers Centre.

He Tuākana Coordinators

He Tuākana suite of offices: Business Student Centre rooms 260-162 and 260-134.

He Tuākana has two rooms in the Business Students' Centre dedicated to providing academic assistance to Māori and Pacific students. Room 134 is the Tuākana tutors' office where tutors make themselves available to help students during certain hours each week. Next door is Room 132, the designated study space for Tuākana participants - no booking is required.

Tuākana tutors' office

The Tuākana tutors' office is in Room 134 on Level 1 of the Sir Owen G Glenn Building. See your tutors during their office hours or arrange a time to meet up with them.

Te Marumaru study space

Room 154 is a designated space for Māori and Pacific students to study. This is also a space for you to meet up with your peers for group work or to help each other with assignments. Located in the Student Centre on level 1.

Māori and Pacific Support Staff

You will find our dedicated Māori and Pacific Island Support Staff in the Student Centre on Level 1

  • Ruby Timmo, Student Academic Adviser - Māori
  • Lisa Filitonga, Student Academic Adviser - Pacific

Te Fale Pouāwhina

Te Fale Pouāwhina is the Māori and Pacific arm of Student Learning Services (Tā te Ākonga). The programme provides individual assistance for Māori and Pacific students and courses specifically designed to meet your learning needs. Support is provided at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Contact us

Course guidance

For in person, phone or email help with your course choice, you can contact the Business School Students' Centre.

Business Student Centre
Phone: +64 9 923 7186
Freephone: 0800 61 62 63 (within New Zealand only)
Fax: +64 9 373 7019
Email: comenquiry@auckland.ac.nz
Open: Undergraduate enquiries: 8.30am to 5pm
                 Postgraduate enquiries: 9am to 4pm

Tuākana Coordinator

Marino Blank
Email: m.blank@auckland.ac.nz
Location:Room 164 (next to 134).
Marino can be found in the Student Services Centre: 260 164.