Stage Four courses

BABFA and BFA students should enrol into FINEARTS 408 + FINEARTS 409.

BABFA(Hons) and BFA(Hons) enrol into FINEARTS 790A + FINEARTS 790B.

Part IV courses

FINEARTS 408 - Studio 4 A

  • Course prescription: Assists students to develop their creative practice through the production of a coherent body of studio-based work. This will be supported by considered development of an artistic and/or design philosophy and its effective use in relation to studio practice. The course encourages a solid understanding of presentation strategies appropriate to the exhibition and/or professional presentation of creative work.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Programme restriction: Part Four of BABFA or BFA
  • Prerequisite: FINEARTS 305, 308, 309
  • Points: 60

FINEARTS 409 - Studio 4 B

  • Course prescription: Building on Studio 4A this course will assist students to develop further their creative practice through the production of a coherent body of studio-based work. Students will further develop their understanding and articulation of concepts and discourses relevant to their studio work. The course promotes a reflexive understanding of creative practice and strategies for its professional presentation.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two 
  • Programme restriction: Part Four of BABFA or BFA
  • Prerequisite: FINEARTS 408
  • Points: 60

Honours courses

Upon successful completion of Parts One, Two, and Three of the BFA or fine arts side of the BABFA conjoint, and with the required GPA, a student can apply for admission into the Honours year. When accepted into the programme, students enrol into the below course:

FINEARTS 790A&B - 120pt Research Project

  • Course prescription: A research project focused on artistic or related outcomes. Individualised research-based programmes of study are supported through a range of studio critiques, various forms of group tutorials, technical workshops, reading groups, lectures and frequent on-to-one meetings with studio staff. Research projects are thus developed through an integrated programme including studio practice, seminars, and/or written coursework and reading groups.
  • Semester availability: Semester One commencement 
  • Programme restriction: BFA(Hons) or BABFA(Hons)
  • Note: Students must enrol in FINEARTS 790A and FINEARTS 790B and this is a double-semester course

Please note:

  • Enrolment in the A component of a double-semester course confirms enrolment in the B component. 
  • You have until the fourth Friday of the semester in which you enrol into the A component to make changes without penalty. 
  • After this point, you are liable for the total fees for the A and B component course (full or part-time), and this includes if you withdraw from the course.