Housing courses


Enrolment Information

  • In each of the three new programmes being introduced for 2022 there is a variety of courses available for students to potentially enrol into from across different disciplines, ranging from Architecture and Property to Law and Urban Planning. 
  • Students need to use My Programme Requirements for information on the courses that need to be completed as part of their specific degree. 
  • Each programme page has a sample structure diagram as a visual reference to aid enrolment and plan your studies. The programme pages for these new degrees will be available in early 2022.


Below is a selection of the courses available to students within the Master of Housing Studies degree. You can view the full list of courses and the specific regulations for each of the three programmes in the Calendar.

The Digital Course Outlines provide information about the course topic and description, the learning outcomes, and the assessment methods. 

  • ARCHHTC 702 - History of Housing in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • ARCHHTC 703 - Māori and Pacific Housing
  • ARCHPRM 702 - Architectural Project Management
  • ARCHTECH 709 - Sustainable and Healthy Housing
  • CIVIL 709 - Cost Engineering
  • CIVIL 743 - Special Topic: Building Information Modelling
  • ENGGEN 732 - Systems Thinking and Project Business Case
  • GEOG 719 - Geographies of Housing and Urban Change
  • POPLHLTH 725 - Environmental Health
  • POPLHLTH 760 - Principles of Public Health
  • PROPERTY 743 - Property Development
  • URBPLAN 704 - People, Communities and Urban Planning
  • URBPLAN 705 - Sustainable Infrastructure Planning
  • URPLAN 707 - Urban Economic Development
  • URBPLAN 712 - Sustainable Urbanism
  • URBPLAN 713 - Shelter
  • All students: ARCHGEN 790 - Research Project