Fees, allowances and part-time work

Find out about fees, temporary study absence for doctoral candidates, Creative Arts and Industries postgraduate allowances and part-time work for postgraduate students.

Undergraduate fees

For detailed information on undergraduate fees, visit Fees and money matters.

Postgraduate fees

These fees apply to domestic students only (New Zealand and Australian citizens and permanent residents). The calculation is approximate and based on a full-time course load of 120 points per annum. Use as a guide only.

In all cases the fees per point will be charged at the rate set for that subject regardless of the qualification the course is taken for.

For detailed information regarding all fees, including how to pay, visit Fees and money matters

Creative Arts and Industries (CAI) postgraduate allowances

Postgraduate allowances are available to all postgraduate students in our faculty to cover equipment user charges, office consumables, photocopying, printing, binding, interloan charges and internet access costs that are not subsidised by the library or faculty.

All claims must relate directly to academic work associated with a CAI programme of study.

Note: International exchange students are not eligible for postgraduate allowances.

Forms must be submitted by 18 December of each year. No allowances can be carried over to the following year.

Students may claim direct costs (receipts required) up to:

  • $500 per annum for doctoral students
  • $250 per annum for research masters students
  • $200 per annum for taught masters students
  • $150 per annum for postgraduate diplomas and bachelors honours students

Part-time work

There may be opportunities for postgraduate students to work in CAI as paid tutors, teaching assistants or technicians with undergraduate programmes. Employment within the University can provide valuable professional and teaching experience.

For more information, contact your school or department directly.

You can also search for part-time work opportunities in the job search hubs below.

* Doctoral candidates - temporary study absence

This document relates to temporary absence (off-campus activity) by doctoral candidates at the University of Auckland for a period between two months and one year, for example to perform field work or complete laboratory work. Such absence may affect the fees that you are charged.