Urban Planning international mentor 2020

Meet our Urban Planning international mentor.

Dongxue Liu

Dongxue Liu

My name is Dongxue Liu. I’m in my third year of my PhD in Planning.

My PhD research relates to Chinese communities and heritage planning in Auckland. I hope it would bring up the multicultural climate in New Zealand and get responded to from urban planning. After graduation, I’ll probably work in the heritage field in Beijing or New Zealand.

I was a mentor last year, as well. It was a sweet and meaningful experience for all us mentors and mentees. We arranged weekly events and provided lots of support to students who came to us.

This year I’m proposing more social events for new students, tutorials on software and writing for all and more casual talk as drop-in sessions for returning students. Feel free to reach out to me.

Contact Dongxue: dliu175@aucklanduni.ac.nz