Creative Print

Support during COVID-19 lockdown

Creative Print is mindful that you may need extra support during the lockdown period.

Digital Print Technician Vicki Ormond is available via email during office hours, to support you as you study off-campus and as you prepare for a return.

Talk your project through with us and we can help you develop your project so that it is print ready. If you don't know where to start, please tell us your best possible outcome and we can work from there.

CAI print centre showing printing equipments

The Creative Arts and Industries Creative Print is a large-format print service available to students and staff from across the University.

Location, hours and contact information

Creative Print
Room 526 in the Computer Lab
Level 5, Architecture and Planning Building (Building 421)
26 Symonds Street, Auckland Central 1010.
Phone: 09 923 1773
Opening hours: 8am-5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Closed Tuesday and Thursday.
Print collection hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

For all queries, please contact us

You can find all the information required to request a print below. Paper samples are available in computer lab 526 in the Architecture and Planning Building and the computer labs based at Elam.

Price list

If you're unable to access the PDF, please see the Price List table below:

  A2 A1 AO custom size
*per sqm
Poster Printer.
Matte 160gsm only.
Not suitable for photography.
$10 $15 $25 $25 $38
Fine Art Printer
jetPRO Matte 160gsm.
Photo-resolution media with broad
- It has a smooth matt surface -
brilliant for both presentation and photo applications.
$12 $22 $43 $45 $50
jetPRO Satin 190gsm.
Photo paper that features unrivalled image quality. - Excellent versatility across a broad range of photo and display-graphics applications.
$14 $25 $48 $51 $72
Epson Enhanced Matt 189gsm.
Archival paper. Yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. 
$16 $26 $51 $53 $76
Epson Premium Lustre 260gms. 
Archival paper. Produces vivid, lifelike images, that rival those of traditional silver halide prints. 
$19 $31 $58 $63 $87
Ink Only - Line work only. 
You may supply your own paper. You will be charged for the ink used. Please talk to the technician first. Not all papers are compatible.
$3 $6 $10 NA NA
Ink Only - Full colour page. 
You may supply your own paper. You will be charged for the ink used. Please talk to the technician first. Not all papers are compatible.
$10 $20 $40 NA NA

*For the custom size option the prices above are per square metre.
You are charged for the area printed. To work out how much your custom size print will cost calculate the area of your print. Multiply the area of your print by the price (given above) per square metre. If you need assistance please as the print technician.

Paper sizes

We have a large range of print sizes available - please see our Creative Print price list above. All non-standard sizes are priced roll width x length please make sure your document fits within the option you choose.
If you wish to print a large number of images smaller than A2, please format these into a single page. 
For Architecture and Planning students please see the OML lab and for Elam students please see the Digital Print Technician Amanda Wright for assistance. Alternatively, you may ask the Digital Print Technician at Creative Print.

Please note: We print on rolls of paper, the widths are given above. If your printed area is less than the roll width of the paper you have chosen, the Print Technician will not cut your print to size for you.

Please be aware that this is a printing service only and we do not trim your prints; there is a large guillotine directly outside the Print Centre available for your use.

File specifications

Resolution: 300dpi

No layers: Files must by flattened and have no layers, paths or alpha channels

  • File format: TIFF, JPEG or PDF
  • Size: Max file size - 500MB
  • Colour mode: Adobe 1998
  • RGB: RGB files only - no CMYK
  • File name:  Please choose a unique identifier for your filename. Your upi is a good place to start but please add additional information for each file submitted. Files with the same name may get lost.

Please take care with submitting your work. All files will be printed to these specifications alone - missed information may result in your file not being printed.

Request a print

Requesting a print is an easy process through our online Creative Print Request Form.

The Print Technician will email you when your order is complete and ready to be collected from outside the Creative Print Office.

How do you pay for the print job?

  • For Students – On completion of this form you will be charged for your print. You will now pay via your Campus Card print account so please ensure you have enough funds to cover the cost of the print job.
  • For PReSS Students and Staff – A journal will be done by the Creative Arts and Industries Finance Team to your nominated PReSS account, or staff cost codes (cost centre, product code & project code) that you have provided in your online form submission.


- Epson SureColor P10070 : Fine art printing, photos, high resolution images. Max width: 111.8cm
- Epson Sure Colour: Ideal for poster printing and graphic work. Architectural designs and plans. Max roll width: 91.4cm

Custom Media

Please check the media type with the Print Technician before commencing.

You will need to:

  • Know the weight (gsm) of the paper (paper should be between 100-300 gsm)
  • Give a rough description of the type of paper
  • Know the exact measurements of the paper
  • Provide the ICC colour profile for the paper you have chosen

If you don't know the ICC colour profile for the paper you have chosen, you must be aware that the file may not print as it appears on screen. We suggest you do one or more test prints first.

We have a range of ICC profiles provided by Epson that match our setup. You may be able to use one of these profiles for the paper you have provided, but in this case we will not provide a guarantee for this service.

You will not be able to:

  • Print on coated paper; matte paper only please. If you would like to use inkjet photo paper, please see the Print Technician first - this may be possible
  • Print on both sides of the paper

How much will this cost?

  • Refer to the Creative Print Price List at the top of this page
  • When using paper supplied by the Print Centre you will be charged based on the size of the print and what type of paper you choose
  • When supplying your own paper you will be charged based on the size of the print (A0, A1, A2) and the type of print you require such as Line Work (no block colour) or Full Colour Page
  • You may wish to do a test print. A test print on the Poster Printer will only show you a maximum length of 20 and 28cm on the Fine Art printer. The width of your test print will be the appropriate to the final document size either 61cm x 20/28cm or 91.4cm x 20 or 111.8cm x 28cm. For all test prints please use the form and request a custom print. Please specify that the print is a test.
  • Please email the test print file to the Print Technician at Please include your paper choice and print instructions in the body of the email

FAQs and helpful hints

Can I print without a border?
No, please take this into account when creating your image. Our default border/margin is 3.5mm. Please check the price list for the maximum width of each paper type.

Can I print on both sides?
No, we do not offer this service.

What is the smallest image I can print?
61cm x 20cm Poster Printer
61cm x 28cm Fine Art Printer

How will I know when my print is ready?
You will receive an email from the Print Technician.

How do I get a test print done?
Create a test print file and email the file to the Print Technician at Please include your paper choice and print instructions in the body of the email. The Print Technician will then run your test print and will email you when it is ready for you to review.

I am a staff member or a doctoral candidate wanting to use my PReSS account, can I connect to the dropbox from home?
No, you must be on campus and connected to the University network to use the dropbox as a file delivery method.

Can I connect to the dropbox from my laptop?
Yes, but you must use the UoA-Wi-Fi, not the UoA-Guest-Wi-Fi.