Creative General Education courses 2020

Take a Music, Fine Arts, Design or Dance Gen Ed course in Semester Two! No previous knowledge of these subjects is required.

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There are still spaces available in our creative Gen Ed courses for Semester Two 2020. Students studying a number of different degrees at the University of Auckland are welcome to enrol into these courses. No previous knowledge of Music, Fine Arts, Design or Dance is required. To see if the courses below are available to you, please check the Gen Ed course schedules.


MUS 144G - Turning-Points in Western Music

This course provides unique insights into the ‘big bangs’ of music history, leaving you with a strong understanding of music’s evolution over the years and a sense of its future. A 15-point paper, you can expect a study of the key agents of change in Western music, in terms of people, discoveries and inventions, as well as the artistic, intellectual and social influences.

MUS 149G - Rock to Reggae: Tracking Popular Music in New Zealand

This course is an introduction to New Zealand popular music from the 1950s to today. A broad range of musical styles will be considered and situated within various social contexts. The issue of cultural identity in music – at national and local levels – will also be explored.

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Fine Arts

FINEARTS 210G - Understanding Contemporary Visual Arts Practice

How does the contemporary art world work? This course presents perspectives on contemporary artistic practices, milieu, and institutions. The course involves exploration of the local art scene. This includes presentations from artists, curators, gallerists and critics. The overarching premise for this paper is there are many contemporary art "worlds" (not just a single "art world"), and you will learn about the many practices and spaces that form these worlds.


DESIGN 102G - Design Futures

How and why do design practices evolve, respond to and influence change? In this course you learn how to apply a design approach to complement current practice and expand future career prospects. It offers insight into what motivates designers, what tools they use, and how they collaborate with others in diverse contexts. You will learn how to speculate on the potential conditions, causes and contingencies for future design practices. You will also apply analytical and practical methods to design.

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DANCE 101G - Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes

This course aims to develop an understanding of our moving bodies through movement awareness, dance improvisation, choreography, and interdisciplinary arts processes. You will experience both theoretical and practical classes, which focus on a range of practices that dancers and movement practitioners use to facilitate kinaesthetic awareness, experimentation, play, communication and choreography. You will explore somatic theory and practice, improvisation scores, choreography, dance analysis, and contact improvisation. You will also explore the relationships between dance and other artistic disciplines.

DANCE 200G - Dance and Culture

Through practical dance classes and theoretical investigations into diverse cultural environments around the world, this course critically examines the interrelationship between dance and wider political and cultural movements. You will physically engage in the study of various social dance forms. You will discuss and write about the cultural environments that have contributed to, and been affected by, these dances.

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