Dance Studies Tuākana

Information about Tuākana support available to Dance Studies students at the University of Auckland.

Keretina and Jireh, the Dance Studies Tuākana mentors for 2017.

Tuākana mentors

Keretina Hakaraia

"Kia ora – I'm Keretina! I am of Māori and Croatian descent, and currently living in beautiful West Auckland. My iwi is Ngāpuhi – specifically from Te Rawhiti in the Bay of Islands.

"I am in my third year as a Bachelor of Dance Studies student and this is my second year mentoring in the Tuākana programme. Being chosen to mentor this year has been a huge opportunity to get to know people around the campus and in my degree. I have already experienced the benefits of Tuākana through assignment help, peer support and most of all, a family-like environment.

"As a dance student, I often find it hard to manage between rehearsals, outside activities, family time and so on, but the Tuākana programme has always helped me through and advised me with ways to spend my time more wisely.

"This year will not only be new for you, but for me too, and I can't wait to meet you all! Bring your friends and let's aim for success this year."

Jireh Lalotoa-Peniata

"My name is Jireh and I am in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Dance Studies degree at the University of Auckland.

"My future aspirations are to continue with postgraduate studies and a major in Education, so that I can acquire the knowledge, skills and wisdom to teach youth and impact others through the arts and creative industries. I hope to further my studies and begin to develop my own research on how I can fuse Pacific dancing with abstract movement, with the purpose of retelling stories of the Pacific people.

"As a tuākana (mentor) I truly believe that this programme encourages our youth and enables them to realise that they are not alone, and that their voices are valued. By considering and accepting each others’ voices, we can uncover the greater voice we have as a community.

"I am privileged to be a part of the Tuākana family.

"He waka eke noa."

Tuākana Room

The Creative Arts and Industries Tuākana Room is Room 220 of the Architecture and Planning Building (421), and is available for Māori and Pacific Dance Studies students to use for study and relaxation.

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Tuākana workshops

  • Tuākana workshops are designed for Māori and Pacific students in the Dance Studies Programme and are held by the tuākana (mentors) for Dance Studies.
  • Our tuākana are high-achieving Māori and/or Pacific students who have taken your courses, know how to get good grades and are dedicated to helping you achieve. Not only are they clever, but they are also friendly and supportive – they are easy to approach and happy to advise you about your courses.
  • Tuākana workshops are run in addition to the compulsory tutorials and lectures that you enrol in. If you are a Māori or Pacific student taking a course for which workshops are run, you are strongly encouraged to attend your compulsory tutorials and lectures as well as your Tuākana workshops.

Semester One

Workshops for Subject  Tutors
 DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes Keretina & Jireh
 DANCE 120 Dance Vocabulary 1            Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 131 Dance Education Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 201 Dance and Interdisciplinarity Keretina & Jireh

Semester Two

Workshops for Subject Tutors
DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance and Creative Processes Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 107 Dance History and Contexts Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 110 Contemporary Dance and Choreography 1 Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 112 Dance Kinesiology Keretina & Jireh
DANCE 212 New Zealand Dance Contexts and History Keretina & Jireh

Join our Facebook group

If you are a Māori or Pacific student at any level in the Dance Studies Programme, please join our Facebook group. Our Facebook group provides a positive and supportive community where teina (students) can share information, ask and answer questions and build friendships with one another. Keretina and Jireh are active members and use the group to post reminders, supplement Tuākana workshops and respond to students’ questions.