Eddie Liu

Eddie (known as EDY) says that what he learns in the technical environment while studying Popular Music has been beneficial in his work in the mainstream music industry.

Eddie Liu / EDY
Eddie Liu / EDY

“I decided to study popular music because I’m working in the mainstream music industry as a producer and wanted to complement my skillset and learn directly from people who have been in the industry.

“Being in this more technical environment has helped me with small things that make a big difference in the long run. We’ve covered song writing, artist development, and music analysis, as well as learning from professional vocal coaches who help us create a certain kind of sound. We’ve explored recording techniques, and learned about the business side of the industry – about professional standards, royalties and contracts. We spent two full days in a professional studio, watching how producers work in the field, how they interact with the artists and session musicians.

“This is a really supportive environment with a lot of talented musicians. I’ve made connections I know will last throughout my career.”