Ivan Mouraviev

Ivan Mouraviev’s studies in musicology have inspired him to cultivate his music production skills beyond university, and pursue music production as a career.

Ivan Mouraviev in a garage with the drums behind him
Ivan Mouraviev

"Music has been integral to my life since a young age. I’m also passionate about biology. It allows me to better understand the world around us and help preserve it.

“Not willing to leave either of these passions behind when entering tertiary study, I took up a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science conjoint degree. It’s enabled me to study exactly the subjects I am interested in, whether it be through production and music in video games, or nutritional science and drug design for major diseases like cancer.

"I’m grateful for being exposed to teaching staff and methods from disparate fields, they motivate me to explore diverse ideas and experiences. This helps me explore different styles of learning and better understand myself as a student and as a person. The University of Auckland is formidably ranked internationally. It’s also close to central musical and cultural venues.

"I have access to myriad high-quality resources and facilities for academic research and music production. I’m unrestricted in exploring my creative freedom. I have liberal access to state-of-the-art facilities in music production and audio engineering at the Kenneth Myers Centre, which houses our Jazz and Popular Music departments. Many brilliant musicians hone their crafts there. Sharing musical experiences and collaborating with these artists has been a major highlight of my degree.

"During our Stage III Hit Single Project, we spent two full days in a professional studio in central Auckland, collaborating with and learning from some of New Zealand’s top session musicians, as well as Scott Seabright, an eminent sound engineer and producer.

“We had opportunities to participate in both recording and performance, and have had our personal creative input considered.

“The course has inspired me to cultivate my music production skills beyond university, and potentially pursue music production as a career – something I wasn’t considering at all before the course.”