Jimin Yu

Jimin is studying a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Music conjoint degree because it enables her to combine her interest in music, film and theatre.

Music student Jimin Yu

“My interests vary, so when it came to deciding what to study, I approached the University of Auckland, told them what I was interested in, and was advised to do a conjoint degree. I’ve always been involved in my high school’s musicals, and I love film and musical theatre, so I am doing a conjoint Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts. It’s hard work, but the more I put into it, the more I get out of it."

“I like having the variety of choices for things to watch and experience here in Auckland: we have the ASB Centre, Auckland Town Hall, Bruce Mason Centre, Q Theatre – I had no idea that there were so many places to perform."

I’m really inspired by seeing music performance in collaboration with ballet and opera and unexpected collaborations like the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra did with the circus company, The Dust Palace.

Jimin Yu, Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Music conjoint, Creative Practice: Classical

"That show really opened my eyes to the possibilities of merging classical music with other aspects of performance and the arts.”