Meet a student adviser

Meet Anita Lam, the Education and Social Work Student Centre Coordinator.

Erica Blake

What does the Student Centre do?

We support the student journey all the way from prospective students. I help on the recruitment side of things, informing students about our programmes and the application process. If they decide to study with us we’re here to support them with the enrolment process ensuring they’re choosing the correct courses. Throughout their degree we check students’ progress toward graduation so they can then cross the stage and go out into the world. We also help support students who are interested in Postgraduate study and other options.

How do students get in touch?

If students have questions, they’re more than welcome to email us on We try to answer emails within 2-3 days. They’re also welcome to call. Phone calls usually go through to the contact centre which can help with general enquiries, then it might get transferred to us at the faculty. Otherwise people are always welcome to drop into the centre on campus during working hours.

Tell us about your team

We’re a team of 12 – one student centre coordinator, four undergraduate advisers, four postgraduate advisers, one PhD adviser and one analyst. If students come in with queries, there’s a current student there who can give their perspective.

We want the prospective or current student to have the best experience possible. So we want to be able to provide them with as much information as they need so that they know all their options and have a clear picture. We want to make sure that they get tailored support. Everybody’s question is slightly different.

Customer service is really important to us. We’re always very warm, inviting and welcoming, with an open door policy. We recommend making an appointment before you come in, so we can prepare some background work to give you the best support possible.

Any advice to high school students?

Teaching or Social Work or any of our programmes are such an amazing opportunity if you want to be able to help people make an impact in the world and foster young minds. They are careers that do take a lot from you as a person, but they are so rewarding in return. You can really see the impact of your efforts. We encourage all students to consider education or social work as future pathways.