Timetables and teaching hours are aligning in 2020

What you need to know about changes to teaching hours and timetables at Epsom and South Auckland campuses.

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From 1 November 2019, timetabling and teaching times for Faculty of Education and Social Work programmes and courses will align with the University’s standard teaching hours for 2020. This alignment will enable students to:

  • Select from a wider range of elective courses across campus locations as a result of fewer schedule conflicts and better alignment with the University timetable.
  • Have a more manageable timetable with courses spread more widely throughout the day.

What this means for you

Epsom-based students

All classes will start on the hour and be scheduled from 8am until 6pm. This replaces the current timetable and faculty teaching hours where classes start on the half hour from 8.30am–5pm at Epsom Campus.

Note: Postgraduate courses that currently start at 4.30pm will remain timetabled to start at this time for 2020.

South Auckland-based students

All classes will start on the hour between 8am and 6pm. This replaces the current timetable and faculty teaching hours between 10am and 2pm and aligns with the University teaching hours at the new University location in South Auckland.

Tai Tokerau-based students

Most classes will remain unchanged to enable further investigation of courses delivered at Tai Tokerau Campus. Students will experience small changes for classes taught by video link from Epsom Campus as these will start on the hour.

What you need to do

Timetabled courses will be updated automatically through Student Services Online and you should be able to plan and select your courses from the updated 2020 timetable.

In view of this change, you are also advised to consider any necessary arrangements you may need to make for transport, childcare and other support for your study.

Our team are here to answer any questions you may have, please contact the faculty Student Centre.

0800 61 62 63