Studying in Higher Education

Information on choosing a supervisor, applying for doctoral study and HE-related courses and programmes.

Higher Education (HE) is a strong interdisciplinary field, which offers graduates a range of interesting work opportunities within and outside the academy.

Researchers work with diverse theoretical frameworks informed by disciplines such as sociology, history, philosophy, psychology and the performing arts, as well as gender, health and cultural studies (among others). HE research addresses a wide range of issues in the post-compulsory education sector including curriculum, pedagogy, policy, practice, supervision, identities, access and equity, HE and development, academic research and globalisation.

HE researchers also employ a wide range of methodologies including archival work, interview-based and/or survey-based studies, ethnographic, interdisciplinary and mixed-methods approaches.

Choosing a supervisor

Seek out supervisors who have relevant expertise for your topic. Scroll through the list of HE researchers (staff) and look at what they say about their HE research experience.

Getting into supervision

A checklist for students is a helpful guide for thinking through this stage.

Apply for doctoral study

There are several important steps to take when applying for doctoral study with members of HERN at the University of Auckland. You can find all the application information you need on the faculty's Application for Doctoral Programmes page.

HE courses and programmes