Rahul Rodricks – Maths teacher

The Master of Professional Studies in Education made Rahul a more critical thinker, developed his research skills and opened the door to a wider range of schools.

“I’d always wanted to complete my masters, so after seven years as a teacher, I enrolled in the Master of Professional Studies in Education. The programme suited my lifestyle and allowed me to study while relief teaching.

“The research project was a big drawcard – I focused on modern learning environments in a New Zealand primary setting through an Asian perspective. It was the most challenging and rewarding part of the programme. Working with the faculty’s brilliant researchers was the ultimate highlight – their unending belief and high expectations for me always inspired me to work hard.

The lecturers were amazing – I’d like to inspire my students in the same way they inspired me.

Rahul Rodricks Master of Professional Studies in Education

“The programme challenged me to become a more critical thinker, giving me research and evaluation skills that I use frequently now. Having a masters qualification helps open doors to a wider range of schools and higher pay packages, as well as helping me to gain my current teaching role. I love working with young minds, seeing them grow and helping create future citizens.”