Yuhong (Olivia) Xu

“I was impressed by the diversity of the students’ backgrounds on my first day at university, which made me feel that this is a great place for international students."

“I really enjoyed my teaching subject classes, especially ESOL and Languages, where I got to do different activities and interact a lot with my classmates and lecturers.

“I think the quality of teaching is the most important thing that draws people wanting to develop their knowledge to the University of Auckland. Apart from that, good support services are also important factors.

“I like it that on Epsom Campus, there are trees and grasses everywhere. It is a pleasure walking around campus during sunny days. I also appreciate the Kiwi’s friendly and relaxed attitude towards others, and life in general.”

Olivia, from China, is enrolled in an initial teacher education programme specialising in secondary teaching at Epsom Campus.