Dian Fisher - MEdLd

Dian, a deputy principal, was attracted to the academic rigour and excellent reputation of the Master of Education Leadership programme, which suited her goal of furthering her teaching career.

Dian Fisher
Dian Fisher

“The Master of Educational Leadership is specifically tailored to educational leaders but is broad enough in the courses you can do to suit a wide range of school leadership positions.

“Each course I have done in the postgraduate programmes has been challenging and rewarding. My preference has been to choosecourses that are face-to-face rather than online. But even with the online work the lecturers make sure there is interaction and collegiality.

“Postgraduate study has absolutely helped me in my work and in my career. I have done so much professional and academic reading that my conceptual understanding from a theoretical standpoint is much clearer. More than that, the practical application of research in your own setting means that as a student you can apply what you have learned and continue to learn from those findings. Ultimately it enables you to make effective changes or to understand your own school context and your place in it so much better.

“Having completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and now starting my masters keeps me learning and growing to make me better equipped in my role and whatever lies ahead.

“Getting to grips with academic writing was initially a challenge after so many years away from personal study. The University support in the library is something to definitely take advantage of as you start.”