Edmund Coup - Associate Principal

Driven by a desire to keep improving his practice to provide better student outcomes, ACG Parnell Associate Principal Edmund Coup chose the Master of Education Practice.

Edmund Coup- Master of Education Practice student

“I wanted a postgraduate programme that had a practical focus and recognised my existing experience – that’s why I decided to study the Master of Education Practice.

“I was able to choose courses that were relevant to me and focus my assignments on areas that would improve my work, both inside and outside the classroom, particularly around educational change and educational leadership.

“Four of my colleagues from ACG Parnell are taking the programme with me. This has been great because we can work together and discuss how the theory relates to our school.

“The University’s outstanding Education lecturers are always very supportive and recognise the need to balance time commitments of full-time teachers also completing study.

“Studying at a postgraduate level has allowed me to critique me own practice against current research and improve to provide even better outcomes for my students.

“I’d recommend this course to anyone in education who wants to seriously examine what they do and their teaching experiences. I think any teachers who have aspirations to develop their career should continually look for ways to improve – just as we want our students to be lifelong learners, it’s important that teachers model that too.

“Although it may seem like a lot of work on top of full-time teaching, the Master of Education Practice is very rewarding and doable – especially if you encourage a friend or colleague to do it with you!”