Leslie Nylen - MCouns

Guidance and crisis counsellor Leslie Nylen was drawn to the pluralistic counselling approach of the Master of Counselling programme to strengthen her counselling skills.

Leslie Nylen
Leslie Nylen

“As someone making the transition from education into counselling, I wasn’t sure where my professional focus would be starting out. I wanted a programme that would give me the opportunity to find my own strengths and interests in counselling, while giving me a strong academic platform, so I was drawn to the University of Auckland programme.

“I really enjoyed the Counselling Process course. It provided a theoretical base for counselling work and introduced me to a variety of major counselling modalities. It also created a closely bonded community within the programme that was extremely helpful both academically and personally.

“A great part about the programme is doing the placement work, which allows you the hands-on experience of working in the community. My role as a guidance counsellor at the high school began after I finished my degree. The network and connections I’ve made during my placement helped me to find the roles I have now.

“I plan to continue to strengthen and build my counselling skills and one day get ACC registration to start my own private practice.”