Amiria Goodenough (Tuwharetoa) – BSW (Honours)

Fourth-year Honours student Amiria chose social work because of her determination to speak out against injustice.

Amiria Goodenough (Tuwharetoa)
Amiria Goodenough (Tuwharetoa)

“Throughout my years at high school a lot of my peers found comfort in confiding in me about things going on in their lives. I felt a sense of privilege that people had this type of confidence in me. This caused me to pursue a qualification in an area around working with and helping people.

“Accompanied by the fact that I have always been someone who tries to see the best in every situation and is not afraid to speak up in situations of injustice, I thought a qualification in Social Work would be the best option for me.

“Before I began my social work degree I had no idea about the many places the qualification could take you. At the moment, there are lots of different fields in social work that I’m hoping to explore once I graduate. I was always interested in working as a social worker at a school, but recently I have also become interested in the area of suicide prevention.

“In the future I intend to complete postgraduate studies in counselling as I would like to branch off into that area of work later in my career.”

Amiria Louise Goodenough (Tuwharetoa) is in her fourth and final year of study towards a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours).