Kiran Chumber - Preparation Programme

Studying a preparation programme enabled Kiran Chumber to continue studying to become qualified as a primary teacher.

Kiran Chumber

"I chose the University of Auckland due to the outstanding rates of achievements they have but also because the staff are so supportive and understanding of each student’s personal life. There are so many systems there to help students have a comfortable time through their studies. For example, the APA referencing class run in the library. It aids in all assignments and helps you have a better understanding of the referencing style."   

I would have not found better staff and peers anywhere else.  

"I found completing a preparation programme challenging at first but with the help of the lecturers and other student support services provided by the library, I was able to achieve my goals. With great support and a welcoming environment, I absolutely enjoyed my time through to the completion of my certificate.

"While completing the Certificate, I worked as an early childhood teacher. I loved my job as it aided me to understand assignments in more depth.

"I am grateful to have chosen the University of Auckland to complete my studies. I would have not found better staff and peers anywhere else."