Olivia Samiu - BSportHPE

For Olivia, learning new things while making lifelong friends is a highlight of her studies in Sport, Health and Physical Education.

Olivia Samiu sitting down on the netball court holding a netball
Olivia Samiu

“I grew up loving the energy and spirit of playing sports. I wasn't the best player but I enjoyed working hard and learning from others. I wanted to study something that I was truly passionate about and would never get tired of doing. Not only is the University of Auckland the best university in New Zealand, it also offered me the best programme.

“Last year I completed the Foundation Certificate Education, which has helped me to gain confidence in my studies and prepare me well for this bachelors degree. I also received great help and support from lecturers, student services and my peers. It makes university life much easier.

“What I’ve liked most about my University experience so far is learning new things, working with others and making lifelong friends. After I complete my Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education degree I hope to do a one-year Graduate Diploma in Teaching so that one day I can share my experiences with young people and help them to reach and achieve their goals and dreams.”

Olivia Samiu completed the Foundation Certificate Education and is now enrolled in the Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education.