Ruby Simpson - FCertEd and BEd (Tchg) Primary

Second-year teaching student Ruby Simpson cherishes the opportunity to help children discover the world.

“The most enjoyable aspects of the Foundation Certificate Education was the support I was given and the relationships I built. We became a family of students, connecting and helping each other to succeed.

“I also built strong relationships with my lecturers as they constantly made themselves available to support me throughout the year. Looking back at what we learnt within the Foundation Certificate Education, I can clearly see they were setting us up for success within our future bachelors degree study.

“Deciding to become a teacher was the easiest decision I have ever made. Having the privilege of being a part of children’s lives and helping to guide them through the process of growing up and discovering the world is, to me, a huge honour.

“Studying at the Faculty of Education and Social Work feels like the natural step towards achieving the future I wish to have. I hope my qualification will help me to become a primary school teacher, teaching in junior classrooms, specialising in the arts.”

Ruby Simpson completed a Foundation Certificate Education and is now in her second year of study towards a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation.