Tuakaqu Mentors

Gain independent learning skills and confidence in your studies with our Tuakaqu Mentors.

Tuakaqu is the Fijian word for an elder sibling or big brother, or elder person that has the important responsibility to look after, care for or mentor the younger siblings.

All Pacific students at the Faculty of Education and Social Work have the people of Pasifika Success as their Tuakaqu, who will mentor them to be successful.

We are committed to encouraging and assisting Pacific students towards independent learning and confidence in their studies.

Na Tuakaqu ni noqu vuli ka tiko ena koronivuli torocake oqo ko Pasifika Success, kau na rawa ni vakararavitaka vua na noqu vuli ka kei na noqu kila meu na rawata vakavinaka nai naki noqu vuli.

For appointments with a Tuakaqu Mentor, email tuakaqu.mentoring@auckland.ac.nz.