Faith Ashley – Bachelor of Education (Teaching)

Faith’s always known she wanted to be a teacher. She chose to study at the South Auckland Campus for its close-knit community, diverse culture and access to public transport.

“Since I was about seven, I knew I would become a teacher. The vision of a decorated classroom and children eager to learn morphed as I aged but the crux of it, the children and class remained. I get a huge amount of joy when I see a child’s face light up after understanding something new or while watching their curiosity get satisfied when exploring.

“When I enrolled in the Tertiary Foundation Certificate (Education and Social Work pathway), I chose to study at the South Auckland Campus because it was easy to commute with public transport and the close-knit community sounded brilliant to me. I built strong relationships at the campus and formed bonds with the community, so I decided to stay for my Bachelor of Education (Teaching).

“The new campus in Manukau is even closer to the bus and train stations, so it’s even easier to get there on public transport! Plus, we’re right across the road from the mall, public library and Hayman park, so there’s plenty of great hang out spots.

“The best thing about studying in South Auckland is the rich and diverse culture. Lectures aren’t just about book work – everyone is encouraged to embrace their identity and use it in the classroom. All of the lecturers and staff are passionate about what they do and really want us to succeed – they always go above and beyond for us.  

“I’ve loved taking the theory I’ve been taught in lectures to the classroom during practicums. Being in the class with your children truly cements the understanding of lessons and teaches you the practical skills you need as a teacher. Working with children also remind you of why you stay up late doing assignments and makes all the hard work worth it.

“I always thought I would teach the younger year groups, but my last practicum with Year 5 and 6 classes made me think more about teaching seniors. I’m looking forward to graduating and teaching at a local primary school one day – I’m not sure where yet, but I think I’d like to teach in South Auckland one day.

“My advice to anyone considering studying in South Auckland is simple – do it! Embrace all that the University has to offer – there are plenty of people there to help you, so don’t be afraid to use them! If you’re passionate about what you’re studying, it will all be worth it.”