Gina White - FCE, BEd(Tchg) Primary

A Foundation year set Gina up to excel in her primary teaching degree.

Gina White - FCE, Teaching Primary student

“When I finished school I wanted to do more with my life, but just needed to find my passion. Remembering some of the great teachers and principals I’ve had in my life I realised that teaching and working with children is something I would love to do.

“I had to do the Foundation Certificate Education to get entry into the BEd. However, doing the FCE was very beneficial. It prepared me for the intensity of university. I think doing the BEd for three years is important to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to be a teacher.

“I didn’t want to move away from home - my whānau and friends are very important to me. Why go to another university when the University of Auckland is one of the best? I’ve received a wonderful education so far, I’m glad I stayed here. The majority of the lecturers have been very supportive. They know what they are talking about and are able to explain it in different ways so everyone is able to understand.

“At the Manukau campus I’m lucky enough to be a part of a huge whānau. We all help each other. The lecturers push us to do our best and be our best. When we have problems they are there to help us and guide us. We are able to use the MIT facilities, but we can also use University of Auckland facilities. So we have the best of both worlds.


"I’m confident with everything I’ve learnt that I will be a great, inclusive teacher because of everything I have been taught.”

Gina White Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation