Doctor of Education 2021 - Semester Two

Making a difference: harnessing the power of assessment and self-regulated learning.

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About the Semester Two 2021 theme:


Starting in Semester Two 2021, the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, are offering an EdD programme with a dual focus. Led by nationally and internationally known experts, this Doctor of Education pathway is designed for educators and professionals  who have an interest in assessment that supports learning and teaching.

Broad ranging in scope, this EdD pathway will give you the opportunity to carry out an  individualized research project that has significance to your personal, professional context. It is a programme that will be of relevance to those working in early childhood, compulsory schooling and tertiary sectors of education as well as those working in fields where there is a strong educational focus to practice.   

Investigations can be either empirically based or theoretical in nature. Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approaches to data collection and analyses can be utilized.

Key features

  • Undertake research that addresses questions, issues or problems of practice related to an aspect of assessment and/or self-regulated learning
  • Balance full-time work with part-time study
  • Collaborate with knowledgeable experts, who can help you create, refine, and complete an investigation that makes a significant contribution to the field of study
  • Work within a well-structured, supportive learning environment with easy access to your peers.

Academic staff /EdD Cohort Leaders

Other academic staff within the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice  will also contribute to the programme in a teaching and/or supervisory capacity.


The EdD programme is comprised of two parts. In PART 1 you will enrol in EDPROFST 844, the Research Portfolio, which is taken part time over two years (June 2021 - May 2023).

The structured nature of the portfolio, along with input from EdD cohort leaders, participants and academic supervisors, will enable you to work within a community of learning as you create and refine your research questions and methodological approach (see table below).  

Working closely, collaboratively and regularly with your peers over this period of time will enable you to share resources, engage in peer review and establish long-lasting support networks. On successful completion of PART 1 you are then able to enrol in Part 2, EDPROF 879 Thesis, where you will work with your two academic supervisors as you collect and analyse data, and write up the results of your investigation.   

PART 1: EDPROFST 844 Research Portfolio. Two years part-time with teaching
/ supervisory  components.

  • Two teaching sessions per block (dates to be determined). Individual sessions with
    supervisors and/or cohort leaders, scheduled as per need.
  • Throughout the two-year enrolment period students will be expected to keep refining all aspects of their portfolios in preparation of the final submission in S1 2023.
Dates   Taught component   Student tasks  
July-November 2021*
  • Key purposes, concepts, issues, debates and challenges associated with focus area - assessment/self-regulated learning.
  • Research and its significance to education.
  • The nature and scope of doctoral research.
  • Developing an academic argument.
  • Academic writing.
  • Identification
    of an area of interest and its significance.
  • Scoping the literature and writing a review.
  • Identification of a set of research questions to
    inform a project.
March-June 2022*
  • Research methods, methodologies and approaches and their contribution to educational research.
  • The use of theoretical and/or analytical
  • How best to undertake the proposed investigation - selecting and justifying theuse of particular methods, methodologies and approaches – scoping the literature and writing a paper.
July- November 2022*
  • Modes and methods of data analyses.
  • Ethics and research.
  • Assessing research quality.


  • Scoping the literature to determine suitable modes/methods of analyses to answer the research question(s).
  • Starting compilation of the research portfolio.
March-June 2023*
  • Confirmation seminar preparation.  
  • Submission
    of research portfolio.
  • EdD confirmation seminars.

PART 2: Enrolment in EDPROFST 897 Thesis. Work with supervisors through to completion.

Contact us

If you have questions about this programme, would like to discuss your enrolment or potential topics with a member of academic staff, please email Associate Professor Helen Dixon at

If you have any questions surrounding eligibility or the application process, please contact the Doctoral and Postgraduate Research Coordinator, Leigh Beever, at


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