2023 Postgraduate courses

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Enrolling in an approved research methods course is a prerequisite for students to enrol in postgraduate research (a dissertation or thesis). Students must enrol in EDUCSW 700 or/and EDUC 787. The research methods courses previously available to postgraduate students are now all replaced by EDUCSW 700 and EDUC 787. In 2023, EDUC 787 will be renamed to Māori and Indigenous Research (previously Researching Māori Education) to reflect a larger focus on Indigenous research.

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Education Courses

Research Methodologies Courses:  Available in both Semester One and Semester Two

  • EDUCSW 700: Research Methodologies, Epsom (S1), Online (S2)
  • EDUC 787: Māori and Indigenous Research, Epsom
Course  Course name Offered in Campuses
EDPROF707 Bilingual Education SUMMER SCHOOL Epsom
EDUC767 Childhood studies SUMMER SCHOOL Online
Teaching with Digital Pedagogies S1 Online
EDPROF702 The Twenty-first Century Classroom/Centre S1 Epsom, Online  
EDPROF706 The Psychology of Teaching S1 Epsom
EDPROFST703 Leading Literacy Inquiries S1 (Mid Jan) Online
EDPROFST738 Educational Leadership S1 Epsom, Online
EDPROFST744 Pastoral Care and Counselling in Schools S1 Epsom
EDPROFST751 ECE Curriculum Issues S1 Online, Offshore Online
EDPROFST764 Directions in Disability Policy and Practice S1 Epsom, Online, Offshore Online
EDPROFST769 Developing Mentoring Expertise S1 Epsom
EDUC705 Education and Global Policy making S1 Online, Offshore Online
EDUC706 Measurement and Advanced Statistics S1 Epsom
EDUC716 Education and Diversity S1 Epsom, Offshore Online, Tai Tokerau  
EDUC734 Māori/Indigenous Language Revitalisation S1 Epsom
EDUC737 Special Topic: Arts in Communities S1 Online, Offshore Online
EDUC755 Social Psychology of the Classroom S1 Epsom
EDUC758 Winners and Losers? Social Theories of Education S1 Epsom
EDUC759 Inclusive Practices for Neurodiversity S1 Epsom, Online
EDUC766 Education and International Development S1 Online, Offshore Online
HIGHED701 Learning and Teaching S1 City
HIGHED703 Topics in Higher Education S1 City
EDPROF705 Language Learning Needs S1/S2 Epsom
EDPROF708 Critical Literacy and Assessment S1/S2 Epsom
EDPROF722 Language Focused Curriculum S1/S2 Epsom
EDPROFST706 Language Analysis for Teachers S1/S2 Epsom
EDCURRIC700 Contemporary Pedagogies S2 Epsom
EDPROF704 Advanced Study of Education Practice  S2 Epsom, Online
EDCURRIC723 STEM Education in Year 0-8 S2 Online, Offshore Online
EDCURRIC721 Special Topic: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools S2 Online
EDCURRIC740 Accelerate Learning in a Digital World S2 Epsom, Online 
EDPROF732 Collaboration and Inclusive Practices S2 Epsom, Online 
EDPROF759 Investigating Mentoring Practice S2 Epsom 
EDPROFM701 Special Topic: Te Reo in English Medium S2 Epsom, Online 
EDPROFST 707 Children's Literature in Education S2 Online 
EDPROFST 717 Learning and Teaching in the First Years S2 Epsom
EDPROFST 734 Frameworks for Inclusive Settings S2 Epsom
EDPROFST 739 Educational Policy and Organisations S2 Epsom, Online 
EDPROFST 743 Family Counselling S2 Epsom
EDPROFST 774 Education and Empowerment S2 Epsom
EDPROFST 782 Educational Change S2 Epsom
EDUC 709 Re-claiming Pasifika Education S2 Epsom
EDUC 738 Gifted Learners: Meeting their Needs S2 Epsom
EDUC 741 Educational Psychology S2 Epsom
EDUC 742 Developmental Psychology S2 Epsom
EDUC 756 Applied Theatre: Performance of Hope S2 Epsom
HIGHED 702 Course Design S2 City

Social Work and Counselling Courses

Research Methodologies Courses: Available in Semester One and Semester Two

  • EDUCSW 700: Research Methodologies, Epsom (S1), Online (S2)
  • EDUC 787: Māori and Indigenous Research, Epsom
Course Name Offered in Campuses
PROFCOUN706 Cultural Issues in Counselling  S1 Epsom
PROFCOUN708 Professional issues in Counselling  S1 Epsom
PROFSUPV712 Critical Approaches in Reflective Supervision S1 Epsom
SOCCLEAD706 Innovation, Design, Evaluation  S1 Online
SOCWORK702 Social Work with Older People S1 Epsom
SOCWORK712 Social Work in Statutory Settings S1 Epsom
SOCWORK713 The Social Work Discourse S1 Epsom
SOCWORK722 Developing Social Work Professional Identity S1 Epsom
SOCWORK723 Social Work in the New Zealand Context S1 Epsom
PROFCOUN701 Counselling Laboratory S1/S2 Epsom
PROFCOUN705 The Counselling Process S1/S2 Epsom
SOCWORK721 Theories and Skills in Social Work Practice S1/S2 Epsom
SOCWORK734 Professional Social Work Research in Practice S1/S2 Epsom
SOCWORK780 Research Project  S1/S2 Epsom
PROFSUPV700 The Practice of Professional Supervision S2 Epsom
PROFCOUN701 Advanced Approaches in Professional Supervision S2 Epsom
SOCWORK715 Supervised Field Practice and Professional Development S2 Epsom
PROFCOUN707 Specialist Counselling Skills and Approaches S2 Epsom
PROFCOUN709 Research and Counselling S2 Epsom
PROFSUPV710 Stress and Trauma in Health and Human Services S2 Epsom
REGDEV702 Regional Regeneration and Wellbeing S2 Tai Tokerau
SOCCLEAD703 Leadership, Ethics, Systems S2 Online
SOCHLTH700  Health, Social Justice and Social Work S2 Online
SOCHLTH 736 Health, Social Justice and Practice S2 Epsom
SOCWORK 724 Applied Social Work Research Methods S2 Epsom
SOCWORK 725 Supervised Field Placement I S2 Epsom
SOCWORK735 Supervised Field Placement II S2 Epsom