Master of Social Work (Professional)

The following courses will be offered in 2022 for the MSW(Prof) programme.

  Part 1: 120 points
Theories and Skills in Social Work Practice (30 points)
SOCWORK 722 Developing Social Work Professional Identity (30 points)
SOCWORK 723 Social Work in the New Zealand Context (15 points)
SOCWORK 724 Applied Social Work Research Methods (15 points)
SOCWORK 725 Supervised Field Placement I (30 points)
  Part 2: 120 points
SOCWORK 712 Social Work in Statutory Settings (15 points)
SOCWORK 713 The Social Work Discourse (15 points)
SOCWORK 734A and SOCWORK 734B Professional Social Work Research in Practice (30 points)
SOCWORK 735 Supervised Field Placement II (30 points)
SOCHLTH 732 Working with Grief and Loss (15 points)
SOCHLTH 736 or SOCCHFAM 735 Health, Social Justice and Practice (15 points) or Intimate Partner Violence (15 points)