Aleisha Pure - BEd (Teaching) Huarahi Māori specialisation

"I want to have the opportunity to learn more about my culture and to help pass this on to future generations."

Aleisha Pure
Aleisha Pure

“I worked as a banking advisor for five years,but teaching has been something I have alwayswanted to do since I left school. I had thoughtabout getting into teaching after every newyear but I never did anything about it. One dayI decided that I needed to do something about chasing my dream to become a teacher, so I went for it.

“I really like how the teaching programme sets you up for success. It gives you different strategies, tools and knowledge to build a strong foundation for becoming a teacher. I also enjoyed the hands-on experience the course offers through practicums, which gave me real insight into the day-to-day life of a teacher and my future job. The connections I make with students, whānau and staff while through my practicum makes it that much more rewarding.

“Tai Tokerau is a very small campus, which I like, and it means you get to know your classmates really well and become really good friends. All the staff are friendly and easy to approach. The campus is close to town, which is handy if you have the odd job to do in town between classes.