Blake Pattison - BEd (Teaching) (Primary)

“Tai Tokerau Campus feels like a family environment and there is always someone to help.”

Blake Pattison
Blake Pattison

“Throughout primary school, I never had a male teacher. Having a male teacher in high school for the first time made it easier for me to connect. Therefore, I decided that I would become a primary school teacher so that I could hopefully impact the lives of young boys and girls within the community.

“Teaching is a rewarding career because it enables you to foster students’ learning and grow with the children you teach. The best moment is when you are working with a child who is struggling with something and you see the light bulb go off and their face fill with joy.

“Studying at a small campus like Tai Tokerau is very beneficial to me and my classmates. It feels like a family environment where every lecturer knows your name and cares about you. When I need support with an assessment or I am struggling in any way, there is always someone there to help.

“Because I’ve lived in Whangārei my whole life, I hope to get a job up here. However, because a University of Auckland qualification is known worldwide, I know that I can teach anywhere in the world.”

Blake Pattison is studying the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation and also working part-time at Hurupaki Educare.