Latoya Hood - BEd (Teaching) (Primary)

“I knew that I had a positive attitude to do teaching, but I needed the pedagogy and knowledge to succeed, hence I started my journey at the University of Auckland.”

Latoya Hood
Latoya Hood

“Previously I worked as a youth mentor in my community. My Job involved supporting young people aged 16-18 in returning to education, training or employment.

“Teaching has always been at the back of my mind. However, it was my youth work that drove me to pursue a career in teaching. I have always loved working with children and was fascinated by the idea of helping them develop a strong identity and an education that would support them for a lifetime.

“Having an University of Auckland campus situated in Whangārei made the decision easier to start my journey as a primary school teacher. I really liked the small classes that allowed lots of one-on-one teaching and the family culture that the Tai Tokerau Campus has.

“After completing my degree I plan on registering as a teacher and possibly teaching overseas. I see myself in the classroom, and I know that’s where I want to be. Ideally, I would like to teach in a school with Pacific Island and Māori students so I can develop their knowledge and empower them.

“The programme doesn’t just teach you to teach, it challenges you to think outside the box and to be creative and critical about your teaching practice.

“The highlight of the programme is the practicum. Sometimes you can be challenged academically and the practicums remind you of ‘why’ you are doing the programme. The practicums also enable you to use the knowledge and pedagogy that you have been learning and put them to use. The positive learning outcomes are always an inspiration to keep you doing what you are doing.”